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Blinds and Cotton
A demon of fear has clawed its way into my mind.
It’s pulling the strings that wrap around my heart, that suspend it within my chest.
They grip, cut, and constrict its beating;
Blood will seep and clot,
Scars will rise and misshapen,
Fear will take up residency.
How has my mind strayed so far from You, my God?
How has it already forgotten the way to You?
When did this darkness enfold my life and cover my eyes?
How do I return to You?
If I reach out will You still be reaching back to me?
Will you smite these monsters: Doubt, Fear, Anxiety, Distraction, Self-Centeredness?
Will this cotton ever fall from my mouth so I may cry out to the Heavens where You will hear me?
I feel so disoriented.
There have been moments,
Crystal clear and glorious, You found me again.
You lifted me from the mire;
Ripped the talons from my eyes and the snaggle-toothed grins from ears.
My lungs expanded with the cool air of Your breath and I could think again.
So coherent, so thankful, so free.
But they pul
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It was You
You looked my way.
It was like the startlingly cold breath of desert morning air.
With the water beds cracked and dry, smog-polluted stars fading in the light of the rising sun, I woke up.
I didn’t realize how sluggish and muggy I felt until you pulled me from the tar of sloppy quick sands.
All I could see was blue. It was different than the blue of my own eyes.
This blue was not pale, nor grey, nor shallow; it was deep, electric, forever burning.
I’d never seen blue like you before.
You smiled.
Suddenly the air cracked heavy with the buzz of thunder and lightning.
I could smell the coming water and feel the electricity crawl across my skin.
With a hammering heart all I could do was watch as the life giving rains rolled my way.
I know of rain.
I know of its properties, its chemical make-up.
I know of it, but I itched to feel it.
You kissed my brow.
The summer storm crashed up on me; everything was alive, everything was breathing.
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It's a rain drop.
It's a goose-bump.
It's something that makes your stomach twist and turn in the foreboding future that is predictable, but taunting you with that ever so slight thread of imagination, braided together with many more fibers to terrorize and break you.
It's the yearning to save someone you love.
You can feel their distress, you can sense the presence of something out of place.
There's nothing more you can put to words other than that.
Then there's the pain of reverberations.
There's the piercing walls that stake you to your core as you're rejected-turned away by a soul you nearly worshiped.
Your love and complete devotion is questioned.
It's categorized with those before you; those who lied or failed.
Maybe even both.
It makes your limbs numb with exertion.
It makes your lungs sleepy and lazy to its responsibilities in the body.
It makes your chest feel as if the cracked pieces are crumbling; the rubble choking on its own tears, begging for it all to be an awful dream.
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MaKenna H.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hi! It's nice to meet you!

I'm open for requests, art-trades, and commissions if anyone is interested. :iconshaplz:

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Any size comfortable
MP3 player of choice: Orange IPOD?
Shell of choice: One that's intact
Favorite cartoon character: um....Happy Noodle Boy!
Personal Quote: "I believe me!"
Well, I did it! I survived my freshman year with only most of my sanity gone. That was probably the best year of my life and I can't wait to see what the next brings. I made some of the most amazing and quirky friends that I will be sharing with you all.

In related news, with weekends and afternoons not at work, I have free time to draw again! And boy do I have stories for you guys. I've drawn very little over the last nine months and boy am I ready to get back into it.

You all have lovely livings and a beautiful summer! :iconiloveitplz:
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